Haylie Nowell

I'm Haylie Nowell and I'm.9 years old. I'm in the 4th grade and I live in California. I am a free spirited happy girl with many goals set for myself. I enjoy sports such as soccer, handball,gymnastics, dance, biking , Jet skiing, kneeboarding, and rock climbing. I'm a dare devil at heart and love the thrill of an amazing challenge. I am an artist and have been for over three years. I have several portfolios of my work. I do acrylic, water paint,oil paint,oil pastels, chalk.and sketch. I am a photographer as well and love putting together collages. I have won several contest for my art and it has been on display in the city library. I love to tell stories and write them as well. I have a creative mind and with my stories I draw you in and give u a great laugh . I am a reading buddy to others at school and enjoy helping others become better.

I love music and currently take piano and guitar. I am also in the school choir. I enjoy listening to my favorite music and singing it out loud . I have a passionate heart and even though I have a strong will. I love animals and want to adopt all the animals in the shelter. I enjoy helping others and am an advocate against abuse and bullying. I have a very strong opinion about these issues and someday I plan to be President so I can make a bigger difference. I know that is a huge job but I will do it.

I love runway, fashion design, print modeling, acting, and I work hard to better myself at these things. I recently walked in New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, and LA Fashion week. I am represented by Coast to Coast Talent Agency and The Firm Los Angeles. I continue to be dedicated and do my best. I have done several short films, commercials, and print work for designers, as well as modeled in Many fashion shows.

Well as you see I am a handful, but I love a challenge. I am a dreamer and love that I intend to make my dreams come true. And yes last but not least I love fairys and fairy tales and yes Unicorns are real and very magical, just like Santa and the Easter Bunny.

Well that's about it so keep believing and reach for the stars always believe you can and will. please follow me on my instagram at (haylie_nowell_06) and at my website at (haylienowell.com) and help me live my dreams and support my journey. Love you all and thank you for all your support..