Jaylyn Chancellor

Jay’Lyn Chancellor is the 7 year old daughter of Ten ika Dumas (Al Jackson) & Jeffery Chancellor. She is from a small town in Louisiana called Vacherie. She moved to Baton Rouge to start her schooling in the East Baton Rouge Gifted and Talented Program. At school, she is a member of the Kids Orchestra and excels in her studies in the gifted setting.

Jay’Lyn enjoys doing beauty pageants, dancing, sports, playing school, and writing. She has written her first child book about bullying called “Princesses Get Bullied Too” that is almost ready for publishing and she is an aspiring actor signed with Williams Reynolds Company.

Jay’Lyn enjoys helping in the community and donating to others. Through her passion of giving, she has helped to keep a few food banks doors open by hosting various food drives in different cities. She has donated to charities as well. She has hosted her 1s1 Annual clothes drive as she is an Ambassador for Black Celebrities Giving which is an organization that helps to cloth the homeless in various cities around the world. In October, she hosted her 2nd Annual AntiBully Rally in Baton Rouge, LA. This event gives children, youth and adults the opportunity to open up about bullying as they have fun in doing so. Recently, Jay’Lyn started her own foundation to help others and named it The Jay’Lyn Chancellor Foundation, Inc. She is inspired by Joshua Williams and his passion to help others through the Joshua’s Heart Foundation, which she is a Joshua’s Heart Elf. More recently, Jay’Lyn has become a Sunrise Ambassador to Hyjiah/Supergirlzland and DeCarlo Kidz.