Supergirlzland (SGL) Ambassador Responsibilities/ Duties

  • You must always believe in Yourself First.
  • You must be ready and dedicated to impact the lives of other girls as an SGL Ambassador.
  • You must give credit where credit is due meaning we uplift one another .
  • We build and form a Supergirlzland sistahhood in SGL.
  • Know that we all walk different lines but we are all one in SGL.
  • We have a No Bullying Zone here at (SGL) .

SuperGirlzland GOAL

♦  To foster young girls and to build self esteem.
♦  We focus on letting all girls know that being unique is Beautiful.
♦  To always Own Your Own Identity.

As an Ambassador your Duties are to spread the word about Supergirlzland (SGL) with marketing tools which will be provided to you at no cost). Spreading the word about SGL by word of mouth and building a Supergirlzland Sistahhood with other girls, making girls aware of Supergirlzland’s Mission and what we stand for.

We have 4 levels in SGL which follows:
President Ambassador - which all girls will have a weekly time to keep in touch with the President. She oversees all Ambassadors.

Ambassador Levels :

  • Sunrise Ambassador
  • Destiny Ambassador
  • Visionary Ambassador
  • Legendary Ambassador