Our Mission

Hyjiah’s Supergirlzland, Inc.’s mission is to spread the word to young girls that every one of them is unique and special. Our purpose is to encourage the girls, showing them that feeling good about yourself starts from within. Fostering the focus to be on education is the key to success; to help them discover themselves and not let others define them. Filter, accept, and believe; Always brains first and beauty will follow.
Hyjiah’s Supergirlzland, Inc. will hold various events that promote education, self-esteem, healthy eating habits, anti-bullying, positivity and other lessons of great value. We will have events such as fashion shows, movie nights, game nights, and workshops. We will also partake in community service projects to help underprivileged girls in the community and surrounding areas. We do not currently have a facility but plan to obtain a small office to plan and operate out of by the end of 2014. We would like to eventually obtain a bigger facility to operate more of our programs and events out of.

Our main events will be the fashion shows. We will work with girls between the ages of 5 and 13; using casting calls and social media to gather girls for the event. We will have this event either at our future facility or a mall, community center, or any other venue we see fit. We plan to have organizations , local designers and businesses donate clothes, shoes, and accessories for the girls to wear for the show. There will be no fee for the girls to participate in the show; however we may charge a small entry fee or suggested donation for audience members to be able to use this as a fundraiser. We plan to have approximately 6 fashion shows per year.

Hyjiah’s Supergirlzland, Inc. will also promote healthy eating habits through our movie and game nights. Movie nights would be held at our facility and will feature kid friendly movies and new releases. We would have their parents drop them off at a designated time, provide healthy foods for snacking during the movie, and then parents would come retrieve their child when the movie is over; which will be specified before hand. During the movie night we may hand out merchandise for the girls like t-shirts or bags. Game nights will be similar to movie night and will feature games and activities that promote anti-bullying, inclusion and tolerance, as well as other probative values. Like movie nights we will also allow the girls to win merchandise through the games as well as hand some out. We will require registration either online or in person so that we have enough material or food for all of girls. We may charge a registration fee to cover costs of events.

We will also partake in community service projects that will directly benefit underprivileged girls in our area. We will conduct clothing, shoe, and school supply drives throughout the year to distribute to girls in the community and homeless shelters. We plan to do these distributions personally. We would like to be able to set up an event at a park or community center and invite organizations and businesses to set up tables or tents to give merchandise out to girls and their families. Once we obtain a facility Hyjiah’s Supergirlzland, Inc. would also like to offer mentoring and life coaching to any girl who would feels the need to talk to someone. Angela Conde is a certified life coach and would put her services to use free of charge. The mentoring and life coaching would be for any girl under the age of 18.

In the future we would like to implement more positive events and activities into our program. We would also like to one day have our own apparel line for girls. We plan to market our programs primarily through social media as well as word of mouth, cards, pamphlets, fliers, radio, TV and other print ads.