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Hyjiah Mariam Conde born 6th child to her siblings Hyjiah always gained the attention of others since she was an infant she attracted even strangers who thought she was a beautiful baby but what they didn't know this little one was driven with ambition and unusual gift and a heart of gold always wanting to help others ,She is a young motivational Author also she is to write future books, My main purpose of traveling to south Africa was to impact positive thought into the youth girls from inefficacy I thought is very important to get hold of youth girls , with respect to that Hyjiah visited a daycare named flaky baby care and preschool located in, sunny side Pretoria south Africa there she had one on one contact with the girls.

On her visit to South Africa Hyjiah visited some orphanage homes my main concentration was to donate some important items to the girls. Like girls dress, toothpaste tooth brush, bathing soap, washing soap and sanitary pad all she brought from United States. Brief speech was passed on to them, reassuring them girls of the great importance they play in the world at large. Also setting example to them of other girls that have excel greatly around the world and also for them never to feel low self-esteem ever. she also visit some girl’s schools around the urban areas, to see how they feel and if they are being belittled, or looked upon as the low gender since they are women, all this was being sampled with the help of printed questionnaires.

Hyjiah supplied important items like some small pile of ladies panties and the few packets of sanitary napkins. To help them during monthly menstruation Supply those with personal items like Deodorant, soap, combs, brush. To some girl’s schools one of them was Pretoria girl’s high school. A girl who gets an education will have fewer children, earn more money in life, and be able to help her younger siblings. One excellent project she embark on in my second visit was to give out educational materials to the kids in some pre grade school, items distributed to them was written pen and books.

Hyjiah took all the members of my organization to some places one of them is The Fun Company Merlyn Park Shopping Centre in Pretoria south Africa where she went there to try to make them know that fun and socialization is a very integral part of the girls life it opens and widen her up to the society at large .secondly we all visited the zoo the girls were very happy to see al many species of animals, that move make them have more knowledge about the dwelling, life style, habitat and life cycles of various type of animals.

My organization provides girls with skills and knowledge, in addition to building their confidence to become the next generation of women leaders in Africa. Hyjiah did organized Series of workshops to empower girls’ child and connect them to female mentors in South Africa and the Diaspora.

Hyjiah started to see the needs of other girls issues that she was experiencing for herself Low Self-Esteem Issues which came from being a victim of Bullying This is when she realized something needed to be done ,So in 2013 she started a coat drive where she raised over 50 brand new coats for youth girls that were in a Women’s shelter ,From there Hyjiah wanted to do so much more for girls this is when she discovered SuperGirlzland where she wanted every girl to feel special and confident in whatever their dream and goal is in life, SuperGirlzland holds numerous events for the girls ,SuperGirlzland goal is to build a Sisterhood she wanted something different where all girls from different walks of life can come together and not be judgmental of others ,Hyjiah loves to encourage the girls to "Own Their Identity "and follow your dreams ,She has Ambassadors on her team who strive hard and

Believe in SuperGirlzland , Her mission is to take SuperGirlzland International Hyjiah is a profound Author, Creative designer, Owner of "PINKK PEARLZ "Innocent her tee shirt line, Each year Hyjiah does something to give back in 2014 she has adopted a family for the holiday and purchased them gifts from their Wish list and it won't stop there at all .She has big plans as she explores more of her singing profession expressing herself through her music, This little lady sees herself as the 21st Century Oprah Winfrey and paving a way for all girls. She believe she can do this by Helping One Girl at a Time, Continue to see what this young Entrepreneur comes up with next for the near Future.

SuperGirlzland accepts Donation through our secure Pay pal section All donations go towards assisting our youth girls in various event which are focused on Uplifting Self -Esteem and Community events to help Foster girls Worldwide as SuperGirlzland is a non-profit Organization ,All donations are gratefully appreciated .

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